Heidi Heidelberg

Who we are


Heidi's career as an educator involves projects engaging disaffected young people as much as schoolchildren for whom the Arts have been pushed to the very fringe of their education. With a first-class degree in modern languages from Edinburgh University, as well as studies in literature at Paris IV - La Sorbonne and Berlin Freie Universität, Heidelberg's artistic research as an interpreter focuses on the relationship between language and emotional expression. She also works with creative techniques to help young people struggling academically or emotionally to reengage in education. Her mentees have consistently returned to formal education or failing students have gone on to achieve extremely highly academically. As a therapist and vocal coach she has developed an educational model based on innovative vocal exercises and oral learning techniques that helps disaffected young people to build self-esteem.


A fervent believer in the central importance of the Arts in the curriculum she is also co-director of educational organisation Lotus Arts Box with whom she has developed a series of workshops which creatively engage primary school children in complex aspects of the curriculum. As one of the UK's very few female composers she also leads workshops in songwriting and composition, which have taken her across the UK and Northern Ireland, including work with WOMAD NI, Beyond Skin, Superact UK and into schools across the country. She also has a special interest acting as a mentor empowering young women to express themselves through song and composition.


Mauricio Velasierra

Mauricio’s trajectory as an artist intrinsically involves projects with the community as well as cutting edge collaborations and genre-defying compositions.  As an artist Mauricio has performed and recorded with some of the most important artists today such as MOBO award-winner Zoe Rahman, classical guitarist John Williams and Brit award finalists Tom Herbert and Dave Okumu.  Last year he was selected as world representative for South America in the ‘magic flute’ project at the Rudolstadt festival in Germany. He is currently producing and composing material for experimental projects with award- winning film makers Yuri Pirondi and Ines Von Bonhorst, and experimental vocalist and guitarist Heidi Heidelberg.


As an educational leader, Mauricio has been creating award-winning educational programmes for the last 15 years.   His research in the arts and creative education, has led to collaborations with the charity Live Music Now! and the WOMAD Foundation. He is currently the lead consultant for ‘Superact’ – an organisation dedicated to education in the community. In the last four years Mauricio has developed a series of music workshops, training methods and coursework that use creativity and the arts to stimulate learning. He has also established educational organisation Lotus Arts Box and developed curriculum-based creative workshops for primary schools.