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Our workshops

Curriculum-based workshops (KS 1 & 2)

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Composition and improvisation (Secondary)

Teacher Training

Teacher training

We cover science topics in KS1 & 2 through creative workshops using music, dance and theatre, culminating in a performance for assembly.


These workshops are incredibly successful in helping children grasp and remember abstract ideas and processes.


They also benefit teachers, helping them develop new and creative lesson plans. We leave behind digital resources; inlcuding recordings of memorable songs, videos of dance movements and ways to implement these ideas in cross-curricular activities.

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We use participants' ideas and creative potential to develop original pieces of music and/or theatre. This process creates a space in which participants can share ideas and build self-confidence.


Our approach aims to awaken a true sense of creativity based around immediate problem-solving and making new connections. These skills improve self-esteem and strengthen group dynamics, and have a positive and holistic effect on their academic progress. Research and our own experience have shown that pupils who express themselves artistically are better at problem-solving and independent learning.

We offer a series of training workshops that develop and strengthen teachers' creative approaches.


We deliver a resource pack that compliments exercises on how to compose with a group, using existing equipment to make music, and a pack of activities that can be adapted to any subject.


We also help schools to develop creative corners with the aim of continuing the creative process outside the classroom.