Cuuriculum Based Worksops

Curriculum Based Workshops

Science (KS 1 & 2)


We cover science topics in KS1 & 2 through creative workshops using music, dance and theatre, culminating in a performance for assembly.


These workshops are incredibly successful in helping children grasp and remember abstract ideas and processes.


They also benefit teachers, helping them develop new and creative lesson plans. We leave behind digital resources; inlcuding recordings of memorable songs, videos of dance movements and ways to implement these ideas in cross-curricular activities.

Creative education

Here are some of the topics  we cover



Year 1

Seasonal changes


Year 2

Living things and their inhabitants


Key Stage 1

Year 3


Forces and magnets


Year 4

Animals including humans

States of matter


Electricity (Click for more detail)


Year 5

Earth and space



Year 6

Animals including humans (digestion)

Evolution and inheritance

Electricity (Click for more detail)

Key Stage 2

Click here to see a sample workshop

Other subjects

Here are other subjects that benefit from our creative approach




-Spanish *

-French *

-German *


*(workshops taught entirely in the target language using songs, videos and images)

We love working with teachers to tailor our workshops and maximise the learning experience through creative activities. Feel free to contact us to discuss other subjects areas we could cover.