Creative Achievers' Mentoring

Bespoke confidence-building through music

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We offer private mentoring to help your child build their self-confidence for interviews, exams, public speaking or simply to deal with general confidence issues.


Through specially-tailored vocal coach and/or instrument tuition your child will gain all of the holistic and psychological skills necessary to achieve their very best, even in stressful situations.


Our team also have extensive training and experience in special educational and behavioural needs. We are excited meet and work with children of all abilities and learning styles!

Creative Achievers' Mentoring is all about discovering and embracing each person's individual talents to build the most important foundation of all: confidence.


Confidence-building training is suitable for all ages; from primary school, through adolescence (and adults, too!). Our team have specialist experience working with young women with self-esteem issues, children with attention defecit and confidence difficulties, as well as young adults at those decisive points in life.

Everyone can achieve!